Tours1Most of us only get a few weeks of vacation each year.  If you're interested in going on a major trip, especially if it's to a foreign country, you have to be careful about making  your plans.  That's why using an established travel agency like Salty Dog Cruise and Travel Planners is the smartest first step.

Whether an established, package tour through a tour operator or a custom tour, Salty Dog can help you find the right one.  We have established relationships with the most respected tour operators in the world and can help you determine which is the best option for you.  To start the process you need to have the answers to these questions:

machupicchu3How long do you want to be gone?  Whether a week or a month, be clear on the duration of your trip.  For example, if you only have a week's vacation, going to Australia or Bali probably doesn't make sense since it takes so long to get there.  By the time your body is on local time, you'll be ready to return home. 

Where do you want to go?  Do you have a place that you've always wanted to go?  Do some dreaming on-line and see what vacation options you find there.  If you want to lie on a beach, determine if you want a beach in a foreign country, the Caribbean, or on Cape Cod?  Do you want an all-inclusive resort?  

stonehengeWhat type of vacation are you looking for?  You can do a Great Britain tour in 11 days where you see 18 cities and are constantly on the go.  Or you can go to one location where you can unpack and relax and see many different things in the area.  It's all up to you! 

What's your budget?  It's important to have a budget in mind.  If your budget is limited,  London, Paris, Tokyo and Monte Carlo are probably not going to be on your list.  Some of the less expensive destinations may be too far off the beaten track for you:  Dominican Republic, Bucharest, India, what-clients-have-to-say-buttonNicaragua or Bulgaria are less expensive but not locations most think of.  The truth is that you may have to do one of two things:  adjust your destination or think in terms of a package tour.

Salty Dog Cruise and Travel Planners recommends and represents the guided and independent tour companies listed below.  Call us and we'll help you determine which is the right one for you:

Globus Tours
Monograms Tour
World Wide Traveler
Adventures by Disney
Trafalgar Tours
Cosmos Tours
Student Discoveries
Golf Pac

 There are so many questions you may have, and we'll be right there to help with the answers!
For more information, check out "Why You Should Use a Travel Agency."

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