groupsgroup-at-collesiumThanks to the Internet and more affordable travel costs, the world has become more accessible than ever.  Perhaps this is why more and more people are choosing to put together a group trip.  There are so many advantages, not the least of which is the cost. 

Salty Dog Cruise and Travel Planners are experienced at developing custom group trips – on land or on sea.  We work with the organizers of the group, but will also (with your permission) include the members of the group as well to ensure that we know what are the most important elements of the trip – everyone has their own "must do" or "must see" list.  Our commitment is to make sure you stay within your budget while ensuring you experience what is most important to your group.  Salty Dog works with all types of groups, including:

Families – whether celebrating a wedding or anniversary, or just having a long-overdue reunion, we can help develop a group trip that will have something for everyone, no matter the age differences involved.

Students – students of all ages love to travel!  Whether a safe spring or summer break or an education trip, we can develop a group trip that will meet your goals and exceed your dreams.

group-Oct.-12-Misc-147Churches – many churches are taking trips together.  Whether the Holy Land, or other parts of the world, we can ensure that your trip includes all of the elements you would want.  We are adept at working with any physical limitations.     

Choirs – whether church, school or civic choirs, touring to other parts of the world is an experience you will never forget!  We can ensure that your trip is well-organized, and includes wonderful things to do when you're not singing!  You take care of the singing venues, we'll take care of the rest!

Clubs – book clubs, social clubs, activity-based clubs – it can be such fun to get a group together that has something fun in common!  Wouldn't it be fun for a book club visit the location of a favorite book, or a wine club to go to a vineyard in Italy or France?  Step-dancers could go see where their dancing originated!  Kayaking in rivers or seas in the Caribbean!  The possibilities are endless, and we can help make it real for you and your club!

what-clients-have-to-say-buttonProfessional Groups – whether incentive trips for large sales organizations, civic clubs or professional or trade organizations, we will work with you to make sure that your goals are met and your group has a wonderful time. 

To help you get started, check out "Planning a Group Trip," which will give you some great tips and things to consider when putting together a group trip.  Then call us and we'll help you and your group to fine tune your ideas into the trip of your dreams.  We also recommend reading, "Why You Should Use a Travel Agency."

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